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Performance and Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ)

  • Purpose

To provide feedback to participants concerning their effectiveness in their follower roles and their follower styles and characteristics

  • Users

Individuals and groups at all levels of an organization

  • Time

Approximately ten minutes to complete the 40-item assessment via the Internet

Performance and Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ) is a 40-item, 180-degree questionnaire that provides participants with an assessment of their follower style and followership capabilities on eight specific dimensions. Participants’ self assessments are compared to their observer’s assessment who is typically their boss, Participants are assigned codes that enable them and their observer to access and complete the PRQ on-line. Data are automatically compiled and analyzed and individual reports generated. The feedback is provided along with a detailed interpretive guidebook to assist participants in interpreting their results.


Successful organizations have a partnership relationship between leaders and followers, a relationship in which follower initiatives are as important as leader initiatives (see What Makes A Follower?). The PRQ is built on two dimensions, one behavioral, the relationship initiative and one performance-related, the performance initiative.

Eight characteristics are associated with the performance and relationship initiatives. The four linked with performance are: doing the job, working with others, self as a resource, and embracing change. The four characteristics linked with relationship initiative are: identifying with the leader, building trust, courageous communication, and negotiating differences. Four follower styles arise from the performance and relationship initiatives. They are: contributor, subordinate, politician, and partner.

Participants receive an individual report that provides scores for the two initiatives and eight characteristics. Their individual scores are also compared with the averages for their peer group when data has been collected for a group of individuals in the same organization.


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